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The mission of the Allen Soil and Water Conservation District is to promote the wise use, improvement and maintenance of the soil, water and other natural resources in Allen County.

The Allen Soil and Water Conservation District provides technical, financial, and education resources to meet the needs of local land users for conservation. We work with farmers on conservation practices to protect soil productivity, water quality, air quality, forestland and wildlife habitat. We also conserve and restore wetlands, protect groundwater, encourage landowners to plant trees and other ground cover, work with developers to control soil erosion and protect water resources during construction, and teach conservation and the importance of natural resources to both children and adults.


Stormwater and Erosion Sediment Control Workshop

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This Stormwater and Sediment Control Workshop for the construction industry takes place on February 9 and is geared towards developers, designers and contractors. Registration is free!

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Rain Barrels

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The Allen Soil and Water Conservation District has 45 gallon plastic rain barrels for sale at our offices for just $89 in either terracotta or granite colors. Ask us how you can get a rain barrel rebate!

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Tree Rebate

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All City of Lima residents, businesses and non-residential property owners can take advantage of a 50% rebate off the cost of newly planted trees. There are dozens of trees to choose from.

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Education Programs

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The Allen Soil and Water Conservation District offers free educational programming for both children and adults on a number of different topics about soil, water, conservation and natural resouces.

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