Stormwater Superstars

Each year, the City of Lima and Allen Soil and Water Conservation District recognize businesses and organizations for best management practices that impact stormwater and keep the Ottawa River clean. By working together on best management practices for stormwater, we can improve the quality of the water in the Ottawa River. If you currently have any of these practices in place at your business or organization, we want to honor you in our annual stormwater superstar recognition.

Do you:

• Have a stormwater and chemicals pollution prevention plan
• Keep your property free of litter
• Properly apply fertilizer
• Plant trees
• Landscape your property to filter water
• Maintain green spaces
• Protect storm drains
• Use best management practices on construction sites
• Promote environmental awareness
• Use rain barrels
• Have a rain garden
• Recycle waste and properly dispose of hazardous materials

Then we want to recognize you as a Stormwater Superstar!

If you would like information on implementing any of these practices, please contact Casey Heilman at the Allen Soil and Water Conservation District at 419-999-0318 or

Do your part to make a difference for water quality in our community.

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